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   Green Things to do in London

  Are you looking for things to do in London? Do you want to do something different during your England vacation? Apart from taking long walks and pictures of the captivating sceneries, there is something else that you can try. That is, seeing green and doing green things. You might be very curious now, right? What is this article all about? What does it mean by seeing green and doing green things? Read on and find out what worthwhile, fun-filled, and satisfying things to do in London. After all, England has a lot of places and goings-on in store for each and every visitor.



Photo by André Zehetbauer

Be a volunteer in England.

One of the most rewarding things to do in London is volunteering. It will surely provide a different experience on your visit. As you go on a volunteering break, you will be given the chance to work with the experts and the rest of the volunteers on some special project like organizing special affairs with regards to wildlife conservation. The National Trust is the charity group that opens hundreds of historic gardens and houses as well as industrial monuments all over the country. The members of this group work around 450 Working Holidays all year round. For a minimal fee, anybody that is aged over 16 years can join in the Working Holidays that range from about 2 up to 7 days. Food and accommodation are already included in the package.


Big Ben

View of Big Ben from London Eye, 2004, photo by Misterweiss.


Day Volunteering

If you are on a short visit and are looking for things to do in London, you can also try the Day Volunteering job. It is being run by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. It takes place for a day during the week and weekends. You need not book in advance since you simply have to come to the meeting venue. The tasks range from that of tree planting, dry stone walling, creating wildlife habitats, up to footpath construction. Those who are under the age of 18 will require a parental consent. No experience is needed because the tools are provided and the experts will guide you.

Go and see the green attractions. There are a couple of green attractions that you will surely love.

The Eden Project

The Eden Project that is found in Cornwall is a home to the largest species of Biomes. This tropical rainforest lets you feel the virgin rainforest of Asia and Africa along with the natural climactic conditions of California and the Mediterranean.

The BeWILDerwood in Norfolk is a family oriented theme park that is built using the sustainable materials.

Go Ape! is the well-known high-wire woodlands course that includes rope bridges as well as the Tarzan swings and zip glides which goes up to forty ft up.

The Gulliver's Land is both entertaining to discover and instructional naturally. One can find interactive adventures and adventures that kids will definitely love.

The London Zoo on the other hand includes the Butterfly Paradise and Gorilla Kingdom.

Seal Spotting is a boat trip at the Herne Bay which involves spotting the playful seals.

The Living Rainforest features a unique live rainforest with piranhas, giant water lilies, dwarf crocodiles, and Goeldi's monkeys.

Meanwhile, the Tree House at Alnwick Garden houses the biggest wooden tree houses in the world. They are all designed and built using all natural materials.

And of course, you can get to experience the Titanic Spa which is Great Britain's very first eco spa. The spa itself makes use of a 100 meter deep water bore hole that is regulated by means of utilizing salt water. Meaning, it is free from chlorine.

Here are the things to do in London that will surely bring you closer to nature. Thus, you can always make your London vacation a memorable trip!