New Budget Travel Guides and Book Updates!

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Back in September, I announced the release of a series of travel guides, beginning with five cities around the world. They were handy resources for travelers that got to the point, included off the beaten path destinations, and directed people to more local restaurants and bars. But like all first editions, there was room for improvement. After getting some feedback and suggestions from readers, I took them offline and, though revised versions have been reuploaded and available since January, I wanted to wait to announce the new editions until a new guide was ready.

Today, I’m officially announcing the (re) launch of the existing guides and the release of a new guide to Hong Kong.

These new editions include updated prices, suggest activities, maps, restaurants, and much more. Here is a breakdown of what you get:

  • Suggested budgets
  • In-depth ways to save money
  • Suggested itineraries
  • Expanded things to do and see (with a focus on budget and off-beat attractions)
  • MORE local places to eat
  • MORE places to sleep
  • Nightlife suggestions
  • Practicalities (business hours, transportation, emergency information, visa guidelines, best times to visit, etc.)
  • A history section
  • Books and movie suggestions for the destination
  • Transportation maps

This may appear to be a list of the essential elements all guidebooks offer, but what makes my guides different is that they are written with the budget traveler in mind. My guides are for those of you who want to break the mold, get off the well-trodden tourist path and experience travel more organically. I’ve included ideas for activities that you might not see in any other publications. These guides are for the people who want adventure on a budget. If you are looking for information on those big hop-on, hop-off again buses, these guides are not for you!

I wanted to create guides that you’ll use from cover to cover, so I’ve tried to keep them brief while still including as much information as possible. Instead of just creating lists of things to do and see, I‘ve also included information on how to see a city – itineraries that maximize time, money-saving tips, and other practical advice that helps you get the most out of your visit. My guides take what you love about this site and supercharge it. Plus, they include my favorite hostels, restaurants, and bars – spots you probably won’t find listed elsewhere!

Here are the guides:

Kindle | PDF Kindle | PDF Kindle | PDF
Kindle | PDF Kindle | PDF nomadic matt's guide to hong kongKindle | PDF

Each guide is $ 6.99.

The new editions of these guides go into further detail than any destination guide on this website, will help you get off the beaten path, and will point you to all the best inexpensive attractions in each city. They feature all the places I love to eat, drink, and visit!

I also plan to launch guides for Thailand, the Virgin Islands, and road tripping the United States around the end of May!

Updates to The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking
Besides these new city guides, I’ve relaunched The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking. Travel hacking is the art of the collecting points and miles to get (nearly) free travel. By using the airline and hotel loyalty programs against themselves, you can artificially increase your mileage balance without leaving the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to travel a lot to do this.

Travel hacking is about using loopholes, and the thing with loopholes is that they are constantly changing. Tips and advice that worked months ago can become useless in the blink of an eye, which is why I’m announcing the release of the third edition of my book. (If you’ve bought the book already, you should have received a new copy by now because you get updates for life. If you haven’t, email me!)

If you’re interested in getting into travel hacking, now is the perfect time to get the most update to information all in one place.

What’s new with this edition?

  • Updated content
  • More details on how credit cards work, new offers, and what to do if you have poor credit.
  • Updated info on how to manufacture spending (i.e. how to fake spending for points).
  • More and new creative ways to earn multiple miles per dollar spent.
  • Expanded resource section.
  • Step by step instructions for putting the advice into practice.
  • Expanded section on how to redeem points.
  • More tips on using gift cards.

There’s over fifty new pages of content in this guide!

Moreover, there are also TWO NEW levels options to go along with the book, what I like to call business and first class. The goal behind these new offerings is to provide more hands-on and consistently up-to-date information for people who want to more helpful updates with their travel hacking adventure.

In “business class“, you’ll get access to monthly webinars (and all archived webinars) that go into more detail than the book. We’ll have special guest, community Q&A, travel hacking news, and in depth webinars explaining the book!

In “first class“, you get all of that PLUS a private Facebook group to share deals and tips, and two strategy session phone calls with me. On the phone, we’ll map out a strategy for you and follow up to ensure you are sticking to it and get the free travel you deserve!

If you are interested in learning how to travel hack or want to take your travel hacking to the next level, you can click here to order the book.

I’m constantly working to try to improve the services and products offered on this website to help everyone learn the dark arts of being a travel ninja so travel becomes more accessible and easier to achieve…..and I think these updates help get you closer to becoming a master traveler.

P.S. – If you bought a previous edition of any of these books, you should have received an updated copy already. If you haven’t, please email me at and I’ll send you a copy. Everyone gets free updates for life when you buy one of my books!

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